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Rank: 12
Name : Miss. R. Lalitha IAS
Qualification : BE Civil Engg. Board: SHRI. K.K PAUL
Hobbies : Reading books, Badminton
Option : 1. History
2. Public Admin

CHAIRMAN: What is your name and roll number?
Me: I answered.
CHAIRMAN: So, you were working for 2 years with Airports Authority of India. What was your job profile and duties?

Me: I was Junior Executive (Engg.- Civil). I was posted as officer on special duty to General Manager (Southern Region) and was responsible for preparing the weekly progress report to be sent to Central Head Quarter, Delhi. I was also responsible for the monitoring and compilation of expenditures in southern region.

CHAIRMAN: What is your opinion on the allegation that PSU’s are a burden on the exchequer? How far do you support the privitisation of PSU’s?

Me: Sir, I am not in favour of irrational privitisation. First, we have to look at the reason why any organisation is not performing. Then only we can decide what steps have to be taken. PSU’s have been the backbone of development in past. In the era of liberalisation they have been instrumental in avoiding cartel formation by private companies and ensuring aim of social welfare.

CHAIRMAN: What is the difference between ‘Tender’ and ‘Quotation’?

Me: Tenders are openly published where any company fulfilling the basic qualification can compete whereas in quotation the oragnisation selects a few companies based on various criterias and asks the rates of the work.

CHAIRMAN: Your hobby is reading books. What types of books do you read and what is the last book you read?

Me: I read fiction novels. The last book i read was Anita Desai’s “In Custody” which focused on the story of perusal of an young professor to interview his favourite old Urdu poet.

CHAIRMAN: What is the relation between Kiran Desai and Anita Desai?

Me: Kiran Desai is Anita Desai’s daughter.

CHAIRMAN: So daughter has accomplished more than mother?

Me: Kiran Desai has won Booker prize but Anita Desai has also accomplished a lot. Though she has not won booker prize but she was shortlisted 3 times. In addition she has won Sahitya academy award and various other awards. Moreover, i found her books to be too much rooted in Indian scenarios especially women issues and their pathetic condition which make her my favourite.

MEMBER 1: Where all you have done your schooling?

Me: Sir, I have done my schooling all over India. I’ve studied in J&K, Assam, Nagaland, Delhi, Pune and Trichy.
MEMBER 1: It seems you have travelled a lot! What is the difference between the present problem in Nagaland and Kashmir?

Me: The problem in Nagaland is basically ethenic where the tribes don’t like being rules by others ands that’s why they demand a greater Nagaland. Whereas in Kashmir the problem is largely on religious lines and fostered entirely by foreign forces.

MEMBER 3 (Lady): What is your favourite area in public administration and why?

Me: My favourite area is welfare administration where we study the effective implementation of any scheme. It shows the change in the mindsets of govt. which has changed from direct disbursement of needs to make the people skilled to fulfill their needs.

MEMBER 3 (Lady): You are giving a heavily loaded statement! Can you justify?
Me: Madam, for example if we take the problem of unemployment and poverty earlier we used to simply supply money to unemployed and food. Now in addition to traditional steps we mainly concentrate on skill development through centres like DIC, encourage them to form SHG’s and make entrepreneurs’.

MEMBER 3 (Lady): You seem to be too much interested in solving the problem from grass root level.. that’s good! For further knowledge on North East you can read the Vision document 2020.

MEMBER 4: What are Ecologically Sustainable buildings?
Me: Ecologically Sustainable buildings are the buildings which use less material, consume less water, use energy efficiently, produce less waste and provide a healthy environment for its occupants. In such buildings recycled materials are used for construction, energy is minimised by techniques like increasing the window area, using grey water for gardens and indoor air quality is improved by using green plants etc.

MEMBER 4: Are such buildings capable of withstanding emergencies such as earthquake or tsunami?

Me: Sir, these buildings are not constructed differently but only natural aspects are encorporated more. These building are structurally strong and special provisions of earthquake resistance can be ensured by structural design or methods like base isolation. These buildings are strong but in addition are also healthy and sustainable.

MEMBER 4: How is a Runway different from Highway?

Me: Runway is a high class runway. An aircraft can land even on a mud road but a smooth ride requires a smooth landing strip and that’s what a runway provides. A runway is a highway with high strength and standards.

MEMBER 4: How is the corruption scenario in AAI and what mechanisms are there to control it?

Me: Sir, corruption level in AAI is very low. The organisation has a sound vigilance mechanism in place. The department has a strong vigilance department in addition to regular internal and external audits and in extreme cases CVC do step in.

Most of the questions are asked from bio-data or leads to the questions are taken from the bio-data. Members generally have the summary sheet and chairman has the full application form. Boards are very cordial and try to make the candidate speak and express himself/herself. Attending mock interviews is essential to gain confidence.

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