Saturday, April 10, 2010


Name : Mr. P. Senthil IRS (IT)
Qualification : BE (ECE)
Board: Smt. Sasi Uban Tripathi
Option : 1. Public Admin
             2. Tamil Literature

I was fourth one to be interviewed. I entered the room at 12:50 pm and wished the board members.
1. What is your nature of work?
2. What is meant by Audit?
3. Define Accounts?
4. Is Audit is necessary
5. Are you played in Ball Badminton in district level?

Member 1:
1. Why are you following procedural audit
2. Questions related to post-audit, pre-audit
3. Suppose if your Boss, force you to give favourable audit to someone, did you give?

Member 2:
1. What is meant by spectrum?
2. 3G?
3. Spectrum scom?
4. Where did you get additional spectrum?
5. Why additional spectrum is necessary?
6. Is Engineers are using spectrum in lavish manner?

Member 1:
1.  Why mobile is popular than landline?
2. Mobile site radiation problem? Sparrows are vanishing due to radiation?

Member 3:
1. Under which agreement Srilankan refugees are settled in Tamil nadu?
2. Where they settled?
3. Is Coast Guard encouraging the refugees to settle down in India?

Chairman: Madam interrupted…
How many Srilankan in Tamilnadu? (Not only in camps)
Why Tamilnadu politicians demanding citizenship

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