Saturday, April 17, 2010


Rank: 537
Name : Mrs. D. Jaya Priya IRS
Qualification : B.P.T Board: Nibhay Sharma
Hobbies :
Option : 1. Sociology
2. Psychology

1. What is your date of birth?
2. What did you do till your degree completion?
3. Work experience as Junior physiotherapy? Still working?
4. Bharatnatyam? (not asked any question about it)
5. The year of USSR split and why?
6. How effective the Acupressure magneto therapy, Hydrotherapy? and it relevance in combination with physiotherapy?

Member 1:
1. Percentage of female agricultural labourers
2. Gender sensitivity and mainstreaming of women.
(For this I gave opinion based elaborate answer)
3. Women empowerment
4. Medical camps attended by me as a physiotherapist.
5. Recent around in Neurological condition management
6. Global recession and inflation.

Member 2:
As I put as HINDI-completed Praveen poorvardh)
The question was all about Hindi. Also, in between I answered in Hindi itself.
1. What are procedure and what is the method you completed Hindi and what it is equialant for
2. Dakshim Bharath Hindi Prachar Sabha.
3. Poets and authors in Hindi
4. Bhagavath gita and its main source
5. Who wrote Ramcharitmanas?
6. Difference between Ramacharithmanas and Ramayana?
7. What is clinical psychology?
8. What Neurological conditions as a physiotherapist you often deal with?
Member 1:
Money appreciation and its effect on exports and imports and how?

Member 3:
1. Kanchipuram famous for Silk Sarees?
2. What threads are now faced by silk weavers
3. Child labour in silk weaving
4. Government action to protect them
5. T.N former female chief minister and her women centric programmes.
6. ‘Cradle baby scheme’
7. Usilampatti female infanticide? Why even now?

Member 4:
1. Naxalism why it is expanding instead of action from Govt.
2. Indo-China relations
3. Indo-Pakistan relations
4. What are the schemes or opportunities by government
or steps taken by government in the development of physiotherapy and employment in India.

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