Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Rank: 111
Name: R. Venkatesh Kumar IAS  
Qualification : BE (EEE) Board: Prof. Purushotham Agarwal
Option : 1. Geography
2. Tamil Lit.

1. You are already a Deputy collector, how many services preference you are given?
2. You want only IAS no other services? Why?
3. If you were to be posted outside TN, tell me a state where you want to go?
My answer: Karnataka or AP
4. Don’t you thing by saying so, you will defeat the purpose of all services?
5. Tell me a democratic thing which is an example of national integration since independence?
6. Why in Tamilnadu cine persons are successful in politics?
7. Why NTR rose to prominence? When?
8. Tell me a very popular scheme implemented by a cine person turned politician in TN?
9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of cine persons entering into politics?
10. What training you attended as a Deputy collector?
11. Are the people matured now? Will they vote for cinema heroes?
12. There are lots of complaints about police. Can we change the system with likes of home gaurds?
13. What is the need for maintaining large forces like BSF, CRPF, CISF.. are we wasting huge money?
14. Tell me one thing, whether a civil servant needs to be a good leader or manager?
15. Do you know the cattle and buffalo population of India and their status?
16. Why they are not maintained in a good manner?

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