Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Rank: 434
Name : Mrs. M. Rani Kanchana IRS
Qualification : MSc Micro-biology
Board: Mr. P.K. Mishra
Hobbies : Voluntary in caner awareness,
helping husband in agriculture, reading books,
Option : 1. Geography
             2. Tamil Lit.

1. What is the diff between elocution and debate.
2. Do you agree Indian democracy is off the people far the people and buy the people.
3. What is the diff between applied microbiology and medical microbiology? What do u do in both.
4. What is the diff between disease and illness?
5. Causes and carrier of malaria.
6. Malarial map of India.
7. Pathoganacity of AIDS virus.
8. What is organic do u practise it in ur field.
9. How to prepare vermicompost.
10. Last read book.
11. What is coimbatore famous for.
12. Education in coimbatore.
13. What is cancer? Its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
14. IT industry in coimbatore.
15. Diff bet illiteracy, education and expertise.
16. What steps will u take to improve your district administration.
17. 3 electoral reforms.
18. What is ISHA yoga in Coimbatore famous for.
19. Causes, pathogen city and cure of leprosy.
20. Causes of common cold.

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