Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Rank: 665
Name : R.L Arun Prasad IRS
Qualification : BE Board: Balagurusamy

1. Tell about yourself?
2. You completed in 2000, you have a long career, tell about that?
3. Now you are working with which company?
4. What is your salary?
5. Getting good salary, good job? Why do you want to come to civil service?
6. You have taken a strong decision to join civil service in 2002, why don’t you change?
7. Flexibility is required for civil servant
8. No don’t you change based on your situation
Member 1:
1. What are the qualities you have? That required for IAS
2. This are general qualities every one requires
3. What is a special quality you have that ask us to take you to civil service?
4. Ok, List out qualities requires for IAS
5. No, thus qualities requires for a teacher also, then he became equal to IAS
6. What made you fit yourself to IAS
7. Tell the different between production and manufacturing?
1. Not satisfied, (again provoking)
2. How do you assess productivity of IAS, politician.
Member 1:
1. Productivity is technical term or general term
2. What is AIS?
3. What is central service
4. Tell about IFS
5. Which country is your interest as IFS officer? Why?
6. Learning different languages as IFS officer
7. Not interested to work Sub Sahara?
8. Income tax Slabs?
9. Which is high income tax or excise? Why?
10. Who are the.. of income tax?
11. How to increase income tax in India?
Chairman: Continuously interrupted to every answer
Member 3:
1. What’s your hobby? (Reading books)
2. What type of Book you read?
3. Recently read book?
4. Tell about that story?
5. Any award given to the writer?
6. What is biology?
7. What is engineering?
8. Have you studied Mathematics in your engineering?
9. Tell the sum of natural numbers from 0 to 200?
10. What is Mechanical Engineering?
11. What is social engineering?
12. Difference between tax evasion and Tax avoiding?
Chairman: Ask me to read the statement written in the paper before the table
“Nobody cannot take away yourself respect unless you allow to do it”
Chairman: Give me the explanting for the statement? (There was a Long Discussion on self respect)
Member 1: There is no wrong, when DGP eat sweets to CM it is not giving away self respect?
It is like giving respect to your superior, who is not able to do her duty – Age old person like Navendra Modi giving wish to IAS officer falling in his legs is like getting Ashirwad from teacher or father.
You are wrong; I don’t think there is any wrong
Chairman: Greeted and told best wishes.

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