Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Name: R. Ragapriya IRS Int. Date : 22.04.2010
Qualification: BDS Board : IMG Khan
Optional: 1. Sociology
2. Tamil Lit.
I was the second person for the interview. I entered once the bell rang and greeted the members. Mr. Khan asked me to take my seat…

Chairman: Welcome Ragapriya. Please sit down [looks at my bio-data] Oh, you are a dentist. Have you practiced anywhere?
Me: Yes sir, I had practiced for a few months after I completed my internship in 2008.
But I didn’t continue once I started preparing.

Chairman: Ok, will it be of any use to you? I mean, in case you become an IPS can you exact teeth for prisoners [laughs].
Me: Yes sir, I can help them with their dental problems.

Chairman: Oh, ok, but what if you use extraction of teeth as a method of torture [ laughs again; in the initial part of interview he was trying to keep situation light and jovial, later on he listened attentively] Ok tell me what is third degree torture. He then enters in to a discussion with member 1 about what that torture could be…
Me: Sir, excessive use of physical violence (chairman cuts in)

Chairman: Oh, so what is first degree and second degree.. what difference is there? Ok, tell me why there is torture in India?
Me: Sir, torture is used as a technique of interrogation to extract information from prisoners [and I talk about condition of Indian jails, stressful conditions under which police work and how they are overburdened]

Chairman: Ok, but what about techniques like water boarding in advanced countries? Is that acceptable?
Me: No sir, definitely not.

Member 1: Ok, tell me what difference is there? Why torture is there even in advanced countries [ I draw a blank here] he gives hint about authority 
Me: I catch the clue and tell them about how authority gives power and desensitizes people

Member 1: Ok, If you’re posted as IPS, what changes would you want to make?
Me: I talk about how I would prevent my subordinates from over using their authority maintain friendly relations with people and improve police-people relations. I also mention other reforms.

Member 1: Ok, can you do anything specific? You have told me about general police changes that could be done [I draw a blank again]

Member 1: What about community policing?
Me: Definitely sir. That is a very important aspect of policing [I give him certainexamples of community policing]

[Until then, I felt this part of my interview didn’t go too smoothly, the chairman seemed to be trying to make the atmosphere light, but he kept changing his questions and moving between questions which made it difficult for me to give a coherent answer.

Member 2: Ok, tell me about psychometric tests? Reliability and validity
Me: I tell them but the terms don’t seem too clear to them [and to me]

Member 2: can you tell it with some examples?
Me: I use IQ as an example with some help from chairman.

Member 2: Ok, tell me about mining and effects of mining?
Me: I talk about environmental and habitat destruction Flora fauna and displacement of tribals

Member 2: What about people who work there?
Me: Yes sir, the people who works there are subject to many health hazards…and the talk goes to pollution and environmental degradation.

Member 3: Ragapriya is a sweet name? What does it mean?
Me: I explain and she nods and similes at me.

Member 3: Ok, Ragapriya, tell me about self help groups in Tamilnadu?
Me: I explain about how it has created a network support among poor women and gives them financial stability.

Member 3: Why do think TN has been successful with S.H.G?
Me: Greater governmental participation and better awareness levels among women.

Member 3: Ok, tell me what changed could be done with municipal administration in your area?
Me: Sanitation, water problems and waste disposal [I explain in detail]

Member 3: Ok, have would you used I.T in municipal administration?

Me: I explain about maintaining a data base and networking among different department for quick redressal of complaints and improving efficiency [All through his, Chairman kept nodding his head encouragingly]

Member 3: Ok, tell me about microcredit and how it would help?
Me: Mam, microcredit is an efficient way to give financial inclusion to the poorest of the poor [ Chairman agrees], who cannot give assurance of security to conventional banks. [I talk in detect about its benefits and how his being used in developing countries as a poverty allocating measurements]
over all the lady member seemed satisfied with my answer

Member 4: Ok, what do you think is indicator of women’s empowerment? What do you think are the main things which help in empowering women?
Me: Sir Literacy, health, awareness about legal rights and ability to take independent Decisions

Member 4: Ok, What about working women? Is that a sign do?
Me: Yes sir, working women are financially secure and would be able to make independent choices.

Member 4: Tell me about role conflict in working women?
Me: Sir, Though they are financially secure, they still (perform majority of household duties too [ I explain about work life balance]

Member 4: Tell me about the kind of relationship a man and woman have when the woman is working? How does it change?
Me: Sir, the relationship tends to become move complementary, they tend to approach each other as equals and they take decisions together.

Member 4: Ok, do you think disintegration of joint family is a boon for working women?
Me: [It was a tricky questions I felt], sir I don’t think there is any direct correlation. Disintegration of joint family system is connected to other factors such as economic expediency. [ how families get scattered because of work in different places but still they try to maintain contact]

Also there are many joint families which encourage their daughters to achieve their best in their profession [ chairman and member 4 nods]. So I wouldn’t say breaking of joint family is a boon to working women. Rather, it is the different social conditions that prevails.

Chairman: Ok, tell me about female infanticide in TN
Me: I talk about prevalence is Dharmapuri, Salem, some areas of Madurai

Chairman: Ok what do you think are the causes?
Do you think dowry has a connection?
Me: Yes sir definitely. There is a perception in such families that women are a burden to society [ I cute an example of an advertisement I saw “ Spend 5000 Rs now and serve 5 lakh Rupees later” and all the members murmur in agreement] . and talk social and cultural factors for those beliefs.

Chairman: Ok, Ragapriya, Where all in India have your travel?
Me: Sir, Chadigarh, A.P…

Chairman: Ok, since you are from south full me some language spoken in Uttarakhand, Bihar, Assam.
Me: Sir Uttarakhand and Sirthndi [He expects some more then tells one about Kumaoni & Gharwali]
Bihar:- Bhojpuri, Hindi, Maithili, [He nodded], Assam:- Assamese, Bengali, [He nods]
[Ok, Ragapriya thanks for staying with us. You may now leave.

I wish all of them and leave. Interview lasted for around 25 minutes. Board was very cordial and Mr. Khan was very casual in his approach.

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