Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Rank: 673
Name: G. Manigandasamy
Int. Date : 22.04.2010
Qualification: BE (Mech)
Board : Nirbhay Sharma
Optional: 1. Geography
2. Tamil Lit.

1. What is your name?
2. What is your Roll No?
3. What is the meaning your name?
4. Where are you working?

Member 1:
1. What is national in legration?
2. What is the status of national integration now?
3. What s the problem is northern-eastern states?
4. Why they are isolated from mainstream?
5. What are all the Terrorist organisaiton which are working in northern eastern states?
6. Who are all the leaders?
7. Why it’s under developed?

Member 2:
1. How geography helps you in administration?
2. How north eastern stats differ from other states in terms of
- Society
- Culture
- Economy
- Development
3. Why human rights violation in police force?
4. Tell me about new legislation related to police department?
5. How national integration evolving?
6. How national integration related to culture, social values?

Member 3:
1. Law and order comes which subject in the constitution?
2. Tell me about law and order and its related subjects in constitution
3. Difference between state, central and concurrent list
4. Status of internal security in India
5. Difference between state police, central paramilitary force and military?
6. Where its Latin America?
7. Name of countries is South America?
8. Which country is oil producing about South America?

Member 4:
1. In which part of Arunachal Pradesh, China is claiming? Why? And India’s stand?
2. Name of north-eastern states?
3. What are all the geographic reason in which northern eastern states are under developed?
4. What’s happening in Megalaya is last two days?
5. What are all government steps to improve northern states status?
6. Tell me about Loot-east policy?

1. What’s happening is Nepal now?
2. What are all the internal problems prevailing in Nepal
3. Any link between Nepal militant and China?
4. Why monarchy abolished in Nepal?
5. Any problem in the family of king (Nepal)

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