Monday, May 31, 2010


Rank: 45
Name: Mr. J. Nivas DSP
Int. Date : 23.04.10
Board : Sashi Uban Tripathi
Optional: 1. Geography
2. Tamil Lit.

I asked may i come in , chairman nodded , went inside , wished good evening madam and all the other members. i was offered a seat i said thank u madam n sat .
CM : Your name is NIvas, sounds very different is it .
ME : yes madam it was originally srinivas , it was entered nivas in my school certificates and it continues.
CM : i will call u nivas - me - ok madam .
CM : nivas , r u working anywhere
me :Yes madam currently working as deputy superintendent of police in tamilnadu police department .
CM : when did u join .
me - i joined in november 2009 madam .
cm - u r under training ?
me - yes madam .
cm - what training u are provided there
me - madam we are trained to strengthen our body and also we are trained in the varoius laws .
CM:tell me what is the reason for this shift from engineering to police .
me- in police we are able offer instant solutions to aggrieved people madam we are able to serve more people whereas in industry our we are limited in developing engineering skills .
CM - see u were working as aproject engineer in water treatment plant as an engineer and u were serving many people . yes madam but it was more of self, personality development there madam
CM - police sometimes are not serving the people what do u say about this
me - yes madam i agree sometimes they do not hear to people , itis because , a robbery or theft becomes a daily routine to police , whereas it is once in alife time incident for the people .we have to give behavioural training to the police .

CM - is it being given in ur academy , yes madam - we are given the training and even we learn sign language also . now she passes on to other member .

no1 : so u are in trainining , what laws are u being taught .
me - in IPC upto generalexceptions sec76 to 96 , Indian evidence act till sec 32 dying declaration , crpc upto security proceedings - sec 107 to 110 .
no1 - now tell me why confession b4 police is not accepted - me - sir it is because -police can obtain the confession which they want thru using torture .but confession b4 police is admitted in certain cases , shall i elaborate sir .

no1 - not required , tell me U r a DSP nad the govt doesnt beleive in ur statement - don u want this to change .me - sir why confession b4 police is not admitted is because only magistrate can determine the truth .
no1 - ok fine , will u support change in law that confession b4 police can be admitted .
me - yes sir .

no 1 - tellme in tamilnadu the police are siding on any of the two parties aiadmk or dmk , why is this interference .
me - sir i admit there is some amount of political interference but our higher authorities are taking necessary action over the persons concerned.

no2 - tell me wthter u have read any book on period between 2 world wars .me - no sir - but i know what happened at that time - no2 - have u read any book . me - honestly no sir .
no2 - ok now carefully listen to this statement " the britishers treated India like cows and the french treated india like their mistress " what can u infer .

me -sir from a cow we are sucking everydrop of milk . like wise the britishers have sucked every drop of wealth from us sir . every one want their mistress to be good looking sir , likewise the french have developed pondicherry a planned beautiful city .
no2 - no u didnt understand the meaning of mistress - me - sorry sir i told u what came to my mind when u told the statement .

no2 - u ve to grow up to understand the meaning of mistress . by the way half ur answer was right .
me - thank u sir - i will find out the remaining answer after interview
no2 - good .
no3 - so u r from VIT - a deemed university .
me - yes sir . no3 - tell me this deemed universities are good or bad .
me - ( this is where i made the mistake ) i said these deeemd universities - i donot welocme - i will explain why with my own example . I got a govt quota seat i paid only rs 15000 per year , if i had to study in deemed univeristy i would have never studied in VIT .also the yashpal committed also recommended for stopping this process since after 1990 many uinversities have come .
n03 - so no govt seats in deemed yniversities - me - they conduct only common entrance test sir .
n03 - tell me any 3 famous deemed universities .
me- (i told only VIT as i can only think of it )
n03 - thats fine . dont u know of IISC , BITS pilani . me sir ithought of BITS sir , n03 - u should have told no .
n03 - ok do u think IITs are serving the purpose ?
me - yes sir definitely they have provided some of the good engineers to india , but the no of IITs are very less sir .
no3 - how many are ther now . iam not sure but it is defintely over 10 .
no3 earlier it was 7 , now it is 15. do u think this no is enough ? - me - no sir -no3 - so what is the optimum no - can we have one in every state - me - yes sir sure .
no3 - though the IITs are good , many of the iitians go abroad and brain drain happens .
me - sir though brain drain happens many iitians are contributing to india from abroad sir . n03 - thats after 1990 only - me - yes sir - no3 - do u think they have achieved their purpose . me - yes sir they are conducting good research - n03 - then whats the problem - {member was helping me allthrough and finally when i said reserach is not made practicable he and chairman gave a nod }

no4 - (this person was from north east - he was very emotional - i never was able to satisfy him in fact i escaped from his question saying im now in training once i ve field exprience ican tell better)
this person asked abt insurgency , he said in north east there are more security personnel per person .what u will do to incerase morale of police .
me - i told abt performance based incentive to police , inservice promotion and even the problm of leave to boost the morale of police .

CM - ok this is the final question - is a unipolar world possible now ?what is multi polar world
me -( this is where i made the second mistake)- i said UN can help for a unipolar world by integrating all countries .multipolar isaid - it is where the regional powers play a big role .
cm- tell me some regional players .
me - china india , latin american countries .

CM - i asked u abt unipolar and ur answer is different - (saying this she closed my file )
me - i asked madam have i misunderstood u madam - hearing this she felt bit annoyedthen no3 came to my rescue he explained b4 coldwar situation and present situation .
now CM also told regarding multipolar u r answer is right .
me- i said thank u then i came out....

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