Saturday, April 17, 2010


Rank: 162
Name : Mrs. R. Vimala IAS
Qualification : BSc Chemistry
Board: Mr. Nirbai Sharma
Hobbies : Reading Novels,
Taking class for Rural Students in employment office.
Option : 1. History
             2. Tamil Lit.

Chairman: After completion of your degree in 1998 what did you do till 2010?
Me: Immediately after the completion of my degree in 1998. I got married and I got twins in 2000. So my immediate responsibility to look after them in 2005 when they went to school I had time to prepare for civil services and this is my 5th attempt and 2nd interview UPSC have been selected for Tamilnadu Group-I service.

Chairman: Tell me some qualities which we expect from you?
Me: They are the leadership qualities like integrity, friendliness, commanding firm decision making.

Chairman: Tell us some programmes of UPA one and UPA two
Me: For UPA one common minimum program and NREGA
(Chairman interrupted)

Chairman: Tell me about NREGA. Is it successful me
Me: Yes sir, It is successful and it is extended under UPA two government also

Member 1: What are the components of NREGA
Me: It provides employment guaranty for minimum hundred days per house hold in rural areas. The participation of women is encouraging durable assets in rural areas is produced it leads to rural development and food security.

Member 2: What do you know about saint therasa and mother therasa
Me: Sir, I know little information about saint therasa, but I can tell about mother therasa

Member 2: Ok
Me: She is an Albanian settle in India and established machineries of charity in Calcutta got Nobel Prize in 1979. The motto of the machineries is “I thirst”

Member 3: Do people of your state get money from political parties to vote in election?
Me: Yes sir, It is true

Member 3: Oh. Do the vote to the party giving more money
Me: No not like that sir, they get money from all the parties and vote to the party according to their own preferences.

Member 4: What was the preference first five year plan and second five year plan
Me: For the first is food security and agriculture for the second is industrialization

Member 4: What about 3rd five year plan?
Me: It is combination of both one and two

Member 4: Did they introduce anything new?
Me: Yes sir, it is the green revolution

Member 5: Explain economic development of China and their government set up?
Me: Their government set up has very great impact on their economic development everything is planned and defined nobody can object.

Member 5: So you say that democracy of India is not effective when compared to Chinas Development
Me: Sir I accept that democracy as limitations, but it is not negative. Though we have a limitations were gradually improving but in Chinas case there are many grievances against the state in the society. It is not good because it bares the danger of collapsing these state India is stable.

Chairman: Why don’t you prefer police services?
Me: Sir, my kind of fitness less than with 150cm of my height. I decided other services than police to suitable to me.

Chairman: D you know anything about the ethnic composition of China and India?
Me: Sir, I think in China they are more mangoloid and in India more negritos and meditranians

Chairman: Thank You. You may go.

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