Saturday, April 17, 2010


Rank: 308
Name : Dr. K. Kannan IPS
Qualification : BVsc Board: Dr. K.K. Paul
Hobbies :
Option : 1. Zoology
2. Vet. Science

1. Why you have not joined Indian Forest Service?
2. Climate change and Non-vegetarian diets?
3. Why Gobar Gas plants not used now and measures to control methane production.

Member 1:
1. What do you learn from Bird watching?
2. Have you publish any article on Bird watching?
3. Where are you working now? (Madurai)
4. Famous places in Madurai district?
5. Growth states of own Theni district?
6. Rural Development programmes in your district?
7. About SHG & performance
8. Contribution of commercial takes in state?

Member 2:
1. What you know about “Mad low Disease”?
2. Economic importance of Avian Flu?
3. Actions taken by state government?
4. Incidence of corruption in commercial takes department?
5. Department Modernisation? (e-governance)
6. Vaccination schedule for dogs?
7. Public health programmes in India?

Member 3:
1. Life span of butterfly?
2. Service preference (IAS, IPS, IFS)
3. Triangle formation possibility between Indian-China-Pakistan.
4. Control of corruption?
5. Have you ban frog dissection/Birds dissection in schools since you are bird watcher.
6. How will you improve 15% Revenue in your Jurisdiction? In commercial taxes department.

Member 4:
1. Changes made in higher education? Why?
2. Communal violence bill?
3. By what mode reached Delhi?
4. What are all the states you come across?
5. Amrytasen – Development is freedom? Why?
6. Reasons for inequality in India
Chairman: Interview is over
Thank you sir….

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