Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Name: Dr. S. Uma Maheswari [Dentist]                                           
Qualification: BDS
Option: 1. Geography                                                                         
              2. Tamil Literature
Hobby: Quick cooking

Chairman:        a. Name
                       b. Date of birth
                       c. Roll no
                       d. In India why Ganges Valley civilization is not developed? [In K.K. Paul Board,
                        one history question is compulsory]
Member 2:       a) What is a Trade wind, Gulf streams, Jet streams.
                       b) RTI and its procedure

Member 3:       a) What is Nutrition and Malnutrition
                       b) HDI (Human Development Index) & its value, criteria
                       c) Gender Empowerment Index GEI
                       d) Cooking of rice (My hobby)
Member 4:       a) About Architecture and IT, computer which was not known to me
                       b) Asked me about Visweswaraya

Member 5:       Why always succession problem in TN [for example properties etc].

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