Friday, November 30, 2012


Dr. V.SasiMohan IPS                                                         
Board: P.K.Mishra
Date of Interview 29.04.2011             
Hobby: Playing football, writing essays
Optionals: Geography, Political science

Chairman :
·         My hobby is writing essays, he asked questions regarding topics on which I had won prizes. Topic ‘India of my dreams’ – I explained my essay.
·         Definition of Power
·         What is soft power, hard power, smart Power
·         Power politics in international relations
·         Problems of Tribals in India
·         Government steps to solve their problems
·         Provisions of forest rights act
·         Bamboo as minor forest produces
Member 1 :
·         What is market forces
·         What I support – market economy or socialist state
·         Do I support oil subsidy
Member 2 :
·         What will be the status of Lokpal with PM and CII
·         Ethics regarding Non-vegetarian
·         Protien supplement through meat or pulses – which is good
Member 3 :
·         Attributes of state
·         What is failed state
·         Examples of failed state
·         Is India a failed state (Naxalism and paralled govt in North- east)
·         Why cannot we call India a failed state – compare with Pakistan
Member 4 :
·         Contribution of Tamilnadu to Indias music
·         Names of Ilayaraja’s symphony
·         Problems I faced as a veterinary assistant surgeon in extending service to the people
·         Extending service to the people
·         What innovative way I will introduce, if I become secretary of Animal Husbandry Department
·         Asked me whether I take drinks – I said No
·         What will I do when my friends forced me to consume alcohol in a party. Will I accept it or reject it
·         If you reject your friends request. You will lose your friends?

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