Sunday, January 29, 2012


RANK: 539

I was the third person to be interviewed in morning. My interview went on for 15-17 minutes.I entered and wished the lady member first ,then all other persons collectively.

1: what is your name ?
a: Prabhakar Chockalingam ,sir.

2.your roll no and date of birth ?
a:roll no is 013801 and date of birth is 19 july 1985, sir.

3:What is entropy ?
4:In the Airconditioners what does the term 1-tonne,2-tonne mean?
5.what is liquid crystal ? (the definition of it)
A:I did not know the answer for all the above three questions for which i answered - sorry sir ,I dont know.

6.what is plasma ?the gases used?
A:plasma is the fourth state of matter where in the gases will be in ionised state. gases used are neon and xenon .

The chairman said those are not the gases but some other one XF3 and corrected me .I thanked for that .

7.what are your hobbies ?
A:Sie my hobbies are cooking and spending time with children.

8.what dishes you cook?
A:I cook home made dishes like sambar,rasam,lemon rice,tomato rice... The chairman cut short the answer and asked next one.

9.Instead of playing with peers why are you playing with children ?(smiling sarcastically)
A:Sir , spending time with children has helped me learn lot of things from them and helps me relax when reading for long hours... even here I could not complete my answer .Next question was asked.

member 1: this was the only lady member
1:heared of BRIC ?
A: yes mam,it is an acronym for emerging economies of Brazil,Russia,India,China .

2.When , who and under what context was the term coined ?
A: I am not able to recollect answer for who and when .But this term was coined to signify the group of developing econimies which will give them a united strength to bargain in world stage like in IMF ,WB reforms.

3.what is G8 ?
A:group of most industrialised countries - USA,UK,RUSSIA,CHINA,FRANCE,GERMANY,JAPAN,ITALY.

4.what is G20?
A:this is wider group of developing countries, maam.

member 2
1:Hw has agriculture fared during the previous five year plans from 1947 till now .
A: 1st plan gave importance to irrigation projects as main aim was to attain self sufficiency .And later more investments on fertilizer development , R&D which resuted in green revolution in 1960-70...... he asked the next question interrupting my answer

3.What are the effects of green revolution ?
A: GR helped in attaining sel sufficiency but also had negative impacts, It increased the economic,regional inequalities in farmers,pollution ..... interruptin and next question

4:what kind of pollution ?
A:excessive ,non-judicious use of fertilizers like urea- led to water pollution, soil degradation due to chemicals washed to water resources and under ground water. The effects of it are found in food chain now.

member 3
1.what is broadband?
A:broadband is high speed internet connection ... interrupt and next question

2.what is lacking in rural ares in terms of penetration.
A:lack of infrastructure facilities like OFC AND towers..But he insisted on some other thing essential for wireless broadband.I answered that , wireless broadband that is also called 4G.

He said whether it has  been introduced .I answered the spectrum for which is yet to be allocated.

3.what is Wimax.
I answered it is a wireless technolgy . but he wnated the expansion and told it was Worlwide Interoperability .... .I thanked him for the info.

member 4
1:what is double jeopardy?
A:after pause for 5 sec i answered - person should not be convicted for the same offence twice .

which article mentions this ?
I don't know sir.

2.what are the provisions for article 300?
A. I m not able to recollect it now,sir.

Then after asking whether i know what is article ..
3.what are the provisions of article 300A?
A:Sir ,it is right to property giving legal right to property to all citizens.

4.where was it previously ?
A; sir, previously it was a fundamental right and since it clashed with the land reforms act introdued by the government it was made only a legal right.

5.which was the amendment which changed this?
A:Sorry sir, I dont know .

He asked me take it easy and smiled .
6.which government was at the center when this was done?
A:there was the congress government at the center ,sir.

He said it was not the congress .

chairman : heared about Anna hazare and Jan lokpal bill ?
A:yes sir.

2.what does the word Jan stand for?
A:I dont know sir.

3.who coined the word lokpal and when ?
A:I am not able to recollect it sir .

He said someone from Karnataka had coined it .
after getting permission for trying since i was not sure, I answered justice santosh hegde.

C: No it was not he but L.M .Singvi .
I thanked him for the information .and all members nodded their head .The chairman said my interview is over .
I thanked the lady member and other members and walked calmy out of the room .


  1. would be great if u had posted the interview transcripts with the marks obtained...

  2. that thing i can not boss... fellows have to accept your request.