Saturday, January 21, 2012


Rank: 348
Name: S. Sathiya IRS
Opt: 1. Geography
2. Political Sci
Board: Lt.Gen.Nirbhay Sharma


1. How you have come here? (staying place to UPSC)

2. How much you have paid to Auto? Based on meter or amount demanded by driver?

3. Why did not pay based on meter?

4. You are from Tamil Nadu right? Other than Tamil Nadu have you visited any other state?

5. Have you visited any places in New Delhi?

6. What is the meaning for Sathya?

7. What is your date of birth?

8. Can you tell four World heritage site in India?

9. Have you studied international law?

10. Which political leader you like more and Why? (she replied Gandhi and Sathyagarha and Ahimsa)

11. But nowadays many using Satyagraha as a tool to hamper Government function.. What do you think about this?

12. What is democracy?

13. Now youth population is high in India, What step will you to inculcate Entrepreneurship among youths?

14. RTI Act and its impact?

15. What is the current problem in Srilanka and Banladesh? How will you handle refugees problem?

16. If separate Elam created, what is India’s stand? (she replied India will not favor as it affects territorial integrity of Srilanka)

17. Then India interfered internal matter of Pakistan? (asked about India’s involvement in Bangladesh freedom)

18. Is there any scheme in India provides food directly to hungry stomach? If no, what will you suggest?

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