Saturday, April 17, 2010


Rank: 717
Name : R.P. Rathi Priya IRTS
Qualification : M.Com, M.Phil
Board: Mr. P. Agarwal
Hobbies :Playing chess
Option : 1. Commerce &; Accountancy
2. Tamil Lit.

1. Why do you opt for civil services?
2nd question is a lead question from my answer
As corruption is a major hurdle in the implementation of the programmes., as a straight forward officers, how will you see change the system
2. Name some corrupt free officers?
4. about the post preference
5. about afghan and US nexus and its follow up
6. Kannagi

1. Coimbatore famous for?
2. about my college and their history?(PSGCAS)
3. G.D.Naidu
4. Tirrupur district and why tirupur is abundant in textile industry
5. Sakthivel (FICCI CHAIRMAN)
6. his contribution in textile industry
7. chairman asked did you able to recollect the person with sakthivel
He gave the clue that it is related to the kamal hasan and this film is debut in Hindi
He asked the movie name. and he gave the reply NAYAKAN.
8. How will you rectify the major problems in Coimbatore city

1. Is there any good Taliban and bad Taliban (this is the lead answer from my reply from AFFHAN & US)
2. As Kerala is leading in tourism industry, but Tamil nadu is not., if you are appointed in tourism department, how will you improve your tourism?
3. About NALINI case and my view point?
Why pardon power is in the constitution?

1. Major incident which took place in Coimbatore city?(BOMB BLAST IN 1998)
2. Which organization and its recent follow up (I forgot the name of the organization) so they asked in specific
3. Name of other organization involved in terrorist organization
4. How AL-UMA organization is deriving the money? And what is the motive behind it?

1. Which literature transforms you?
2. Do you feel women are weaker section?
3. When the women were suppressed?
4. Don’t you feel women dual role will conflict with each other?

And the final question is asked by chairman about KANNAGI.

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