Saturday, April 17, 2010


Name : D. Nithya IRS
Qualification : BSc Micro-biology Board: Mr. Shasi Tripati
Option : 1. History
2. Tamil Lit.

1. Why do you opt for civil service, as microbiology has a wide scope and u become an accountant (working as Treasury Accountant?)
2. What’s your hobby?
3. How do you spend time with kids?
4. What are the current issues related to children?
5. Views about RTE
6. As a collector what will you do for the dropouts who again join the school?

1. Have you did any course in First aid?( I m a RED CROSS CLUB SECRETARY)
2. If there is a head injury, he has no breathed how could you do first aid?
3. how would you do the heart pumping(DEMO)
4. At what rate you will pump the heart?
5. How would you give the air?
6. How do you know about the First aid?

1. If you are an IFS officer, how will you market Tamil nadu (tourism) in your place of posting?
2. What is the distance between the Chidambaram and muthupettai
3. What is the nature of your job
4. how would you know about the letters sent to the sub treasuries?(regarding grievances)
5. How often would you look at your PERSONAL REGISTER?
6. If a letter sent to you as CONFIDENTIAL and the information of the letter are asked through RTI will you disclose the information.

1. Who is the tamilian got the Nobel Prize, what field?
2. What are ribosomes?
3. Why Tamil nadu (GENERALLY south India) is being very hot when compared to DELHI?
4. Can we stop the computerization of government systems as most of the employees are misusing (playing cards and using Google during the office hours)

1. What is tsunami? What is the exact location of 2004 tsunami’s cause?
2. What are the rehabitation works
3. What is your participation as a Red Cross member?
4. What are the government measures to treat the affected people (PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA)
5. Name of the Tamil nadu government schemes to adopt the new born girl child to control female infanticide?
6. What is the difference between SAARC AND ASEAN?
7. How will you develop SAARC/

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