Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Name: Mr. Ravi Shankar IAS
Qualification: BE(IT)
Hobbies: Sketching and Painting
Optionals: Public Administration, Tamil Lit.
Board: Prof. K.S. Chalam
Total Mark: 1243
Int. Mark: 165
Rank: 117

1. Whats the meaning of your hometown’s name BODINAYAKANUR?
2. What is the difference between a national park and a zoo? (Current affairs: Tiger issue at
3. What is KG Basin? Who is mining and what?
4. Tell something about Ambani Brothers
5. What is magic behind Reliance’s success?
6. What is the Agricultural Price Commission?
7. What is the MSP of Rice? How will you develop your native place?

Member- II:
1. As you have done IT, tell me the website that provides the details of per capita incomes of   
    various countries?
2. Which website gives details about the economic indicators of different states?
3. What are the various economic data?
4.  Where can you find all the relevant economic data of the country, in a single document?
5. Which department prepares Economic Survey?

Member- III 
1. How can you overcome the various problems associated with the space allocation in a   
2. How can you conserve and control power consumption while using computer?
3. what is INSAT-I and INSAT-II
4. How are they related with IT?
5. what is IT?
6. What is the difference between IT and computer science?
7. What role does INSAT-I & INSAT-II play with regard to IT, especially education, weather
     report, etc..?

1. What is earth hour? which country’s initiative is that and in which city it was filly followed?  
    (current affairs)
2. How can you solve water crisis?
3. What happen if glaciers melt?
4. What are the causes of water crisis?    
5. How can you report the geographical information about the features like glacier, land?
6. What is problem with satellite imagery?
7. What are the other methods used to calculate the data?

1. What is the broadband? What is its speed?
2. What is ICT?
3. How does it help in administration?
4. As your hobby is cricket, do you anything about IPL?
5. Why did they shift to South Africa?
6. As it is now in South Africa, can we use the term IPL?  

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