Monday, February 8, 2010


Name: Mr. Arun Sundar Thayalan IAS  
Optional: First: Commerce, Second: Pub.Ad.
Hobbies: Listening to music, reading books,
visiting orphanage 
Board: Smt. Shashi Uben Tripathi
Total Mark: 1298
Interview Mark: 165
Rank: 22

Me : Good morning Madam, Good morning Sirs
Chairperson: (with cordial and pleasant smile) Good Morning

C.P: Take your seat..
CP: What is ACS
Me: i explained
Me: mainly film music now also some classical music

CP: what is the classical music of India?
Me: Carnatic and Hindustani

CP: what is the difference between our classical music and western?
Me: (I murmured Ragas but did't tell..) sorry i don't know

 M1: you finished graduation in 2005 and for the last 4 years what are you doing.?
Me: i repeated the same answer. he too doesn't know about ACS

M1: did you work after graduation
Me: no sir

M1: he continued you studied management and accounting in ACS, recently there was a controversy about an  accounting standard. Do you know that? what is the controversy? what will be the best in public interest?
Me: I talked elaborately on accounting standard 11 (and purposefully I said I oppose the governments decision and told my reason for that)

M1: your opinion ok.. what is the accounting body says?
Me: I told the ICAI's opinion which was similar to my opinion

M1: Arun you are from Tuticorin. Tell us something about the exports and imports from Tuticorin Port Trust
Me: I said coal coal primary import and marine primary export

M1: Is there Fish processing industries in Tuticorin?
Me: Yes sir there is two leading private companies

M1: what will be the impact of Sethu Samudram Shipping Canal Project on Tuticorin? Port Trust?
Me: I said the merits like foreign exchange benefits and up gradation of tuticorin port into a hub port etc..

M1: (interrupted abruptly) No, i'm asking about the impact on the port, you are saying the benifit of SSCP (and he uttered something else too, which i can not hear)
Me: (since i can not understand him) sorry sir, i couldn't understand you

M1: what are the ports that will benefit from SSCP?
Me: Tuticorin, Chennai, Ennore major ports & Nagappatnam minor ports

M2: (intervened) said Primary export of TPT is marine goods. What wll be the impact of SSCP on the fisheries?
Me: Less if not zero impact. NEERI report-Govt. precautionary 60 crore project on Rameshwaram sea shore.

M2: What fisherman say?
Me: Apprehension of coral reef, biosphere reserve, planktons damaged, iol spill and wastages of ships

M2: What the Govt. says?
Me: ( i started once again NEERI etc, he stopped)

M2: Govt. says once SSCP gets activated new fishes may come.. what do you think
Me: Sorry sir i don't know

M2: Okay, Recently NDTV has declared 7 wonders of India.. What are the seven wonders? What will be the seven wonders you would choose?
Me: I asked them i have to tell my seven wonders or NDTV's ?

(M2 started before that Chairperson intervened and told say your seven wonders)
Me: I sayed upto 5 wonders and said sorry
 : your name is Arun Sundar.. is arun your name? (i said 'yes' Ma'm and befoi continuing.. She     moved on)

M2: You finished your graduation on 2005 and now almost 3 years (i said 4 years) what did you do in this mean while?
Me: After graduation IAS as career- started preparing for it and ACS

CP: your hobby is listeningto music. what kind of music you listen?
CP: RAGAS based on which our classical singers sing (she pointed out to the members sitting to her left)
M3: You studied (Computer Application), How will your computer application will work in rural areas?
Me: It could help for farmers, students, common man

M3: Tell us some computer application which has substantially affected the common man
(i was thinking for few seconds)  
Chairperson: Quick tell Three application
Me: I told E-governance application

M4: You are from Tuticorin, your farmers are earning crores of crores in Jatropha cultivation. I hope you know that. what is the agro-climatic conditions required for the cultivation of Jatropha plant?
Me: Jatropha is a all weather crop but in Tuticorin dry land is best suitable.. no other crops are conomically viable ( M4 found I was making an intelligent reasoning since Tuticorin is a dry climate... so as expected, he intervened)

M4: If i plant Jatropha in Jaisalmar, in which during day time 41 degree C night temperature fall below zero, can Jatropha grow there?
Me: I don't know sir..

M4: okay no problem. Recently supreme court has advised Urban Local Bodies to go for double entry book keeping. What will be the impact?
Me: Sir, it is a better accounting practice... 

M4: (once again intervened) We know that. What will be the impact on the local bodies which even can not give salaries to its employees?
Me: ( i couldn't understand his perspective, i thought positive aspect only) I don't know sir
then he explained the negative implication..

CP: Your hobby is reading books. what kind of book you are reading.
Me: usually fictions navel of Tamil and English

CP: of?
Me: on

CP: in
Me: ( I begged sorry and laughed. she too smiled)

CP: What is the last book you read?
Me: Jeffrey Archer's Kane and AbelCP: is it? ( she gave a warm smile) Did Jeffrey Archer come any time to India?
Me: I don't know

CP: last year he came to India and there was some hue and cry in New Delhi.. okay
CP: Visiting Orphanage.. What is the name of he orphanage
Me: Nesa Karangal (before  continuing chairperson interrupted}

CP: You just visit or do any other work
Me: Ma'm we don't just visit

CP: Last Question ( both of us stopped at the same, ma'm got little bit angry. I immediately apolozised and asked her to go for the next Qs.)
CP: 50% of our population is youth. Is it an boon or a Disability to India?
Me: I listed Demographic Dividend, availability of labour force, productivity, production, competitive advantage but for all skill improvement, utilization mechanism needed, health and education problem. unless skills improved and utilized, it is a disability

CP: (She gave me a confused smile) unless skills were there it will be a liability
Me: Yes ma'm

CP: (once again a warm smile) okay Arun you may go now..
Me: i thanked the chair person and members and walked slowly towards that

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