Sunday, September 4, 2011


Suggested books for Botany
Ms. Shanmugapriya IAS
A text book of botany – Singh, Pandey, Jain
Systematic botany – R.K.Gupta
Algae – B.R. Vashista
Fungi – P.D.Sharma
Cell biology – P.S. Verma, V.K.Agarwal
Genetics - P.S. Verma, V.K.Agarwal
Molecular biology - P.S. Verma, V.K.Agarwal
Microbiology – K.P. Powar
Microbiology – Pelczar
Microbiology – Prescott
Genetics – B.D.Singh
Cytology – Esau
Plant anatomy - B.P. Pandey
Cytology, genetics and molecular biology – P.K.Gupta
Elements of biotechnology – P.K. Gupta
Outlines of biotechnology – Emkay publishers
Biotechnology – Dubey
Plant physiology – V.K.Jain
Plant physiology – P.S. Gill
Physiology and biochemistry – Salisbury, Ross
Physiology and biochemistry – Fritz, Noggle
Plant diversity and systematics – verma, singh, agarwal
Ancillary botany – Rao, Narayanasamy
Taxonomy and morphology – R.C.Dutta
Plant pathology – R.S.Singh
Plant pathology – Mehrotra
Plant pathology – Bilgrami
Plant pathology - B.P. Pandey
ICAR Handbook of agriculture
Plant breeding – B.D. Singh
Embryology – Bhojwani, Bhatnagar
Economic Botany – B.P. Pandey
Economic botany – S.L. Kochar
Economic botany – Sudhir Pradhan (1995)
A text book of Pharmacognosy – Kokate, Purohit, Gokhale
Ecology – V.B. Rastogi
Plant ecology – Shukla, Chandel
Environmental biology and toxicology – P.D. Sharma
Biodiversity conservation – P.C.Trivedi, K.C.Sharma (2003)
Evolution – T.K.Ranganathan
Plant-related articles from Yojana, Kurukshetra and other forestry related government schemes, bills, acts and laws.
IAS Botany material available online as pdf files
Competition refresher’s botany material
Brilliant tutorials botany material
Biology Special issue of civil service chronicle and Competition wizard
Botany material of TataMcGraw Hill GS Manual, Pearson, Spectrum
CSIR-NET – Life sciences material
Botany for pre-medical entrance exam
Plant quiz books
Previous year question papers (Q.Bank)


  1. this feels as if she has given books for PHD also...

  2. One can feel discouraged by seeing this list..this is not the way to suggest the readings.. anyway we decide what to pick fro the list.. thank you.. raju