Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here some tricky questions asked in ongoing interview

1. Effects of globalization on India? growth versus equity debate

2. Apprehension among Indians about East India Company still today??

3. There are so many institutes cropping up in the country what is your opinion about the quality of education they are offering?

4. what qualities you look in a civil servant?
5. Most of the creams is in medical and engineering colleges, is it good for the country?

6. In a situation where people are demolishing a temple/mosque - what would you do as a DM/SP?

7. North East - police excesses - common man’s suffering-comment.

8. Human involvement in administration?

9. What do you like about India’s tradition,  is good for us?

10. Why Naxals are against schooling system?
11. One thing which can transform India?

12. In a place where groundwater is polluted somewhere and water is drawn from a nearby river and stored in an overhead tank from where it is supplied to all the houses through pipes. Now terrorist attacks are taking place on these pipes- what would you do?

13. Suppose you are DC and due to maoists terror, people have stopped coming to offices and administration is in paralysis. What would you do?

14. Suppose you are SP and senior officers are engaging in corrupt acts. What would you do?

15. Suppose ground water is polluted in an area and no nearby river is available. What would you do?

16. Comparative analysis of waterways, railways, roadways as a means of transport? Which is more polluting road or rail?
17. Suppose we are designing an expressway from New Delhi to Chandigarh to reduce travel time. What are all the basic considerations?

18. Comment on caste

19. Why crime against women is more in north India than in south India?

20. Role of culture in health

21. You are posted in a rural area and you have to cross a river with boat.
There is a older or a servant with you who has served you for 15-20 years and your boss also in the boat, boat start to sinks in the middle and you only know swimming. Whom will you save? You can save just only one person. Your boss can give you rewards and medals...Whom will you save and why?

22. You are DM of Jodhpur, Prince Charles come and ask you to arrange facility to shoot a deer and Bishnoi community is there who will surely oppose this. what will you do?

23. Now you are DM of Sriganganagar , there was incidence of fake arm licenses being issued to people and few big officials are now under scanner , so what will you do??

24. Because of your honesty, you are being regularly transferred; your wife will not pack bags then what u will do? Education of your children also will suffer due to transfers

25. Should Anna Hazare (civil society) allowed in the process of law making?

26. Nowadays many using Satyagraha as a tool to hamper Government function.. What do you think about this?

27. If separate Elam created, what is India’s stand? (she replied India will not favor as it affects territorial integrity of Srilanka)

28. Then India interfered internal matter of Pakistan? (asked about India’s involvement in Bangladesh freedom)

29. is there any scheme in India provides food directly to hungry stomach? If no, what will you suggest?

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