Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Mr. Balagurusamy has suggested some topics for civil service interview in which they used to ask questions. I'll post it in two are three parts.

1. Pillars of democracy and their functions
2. Constitutional authorities and their duties
3. Role of CVC, planning commission
4. Green revolution- benefits and consequences
5. Budget-what & why?
6. Planning process in India
7. Panchayat raj system
8. Linking of rivers-what and why?
9. Major social issues to be addressed
10. Major national level projects of Gov.of India
        a) Welfare projects
        b) Developments projects
11. Important Acts enacted in recent years in parliament
12. Reservation for women-comment
13. MMR and IMR
14. Imposition pf president rule-when and how
15. J & K problem
16. Terrorism, insurgencies, naxalism and maoism
17. Tsunami and earth quake- what and compare
18. Economic indicators-GDP, G & P, etc.
19. Inflation, consumer price index, deflation
20. Recent scams in India
21. Impact of LPG
22. Environmental issues facing by India
23. Comment on infrastructure, education and healthcare system in India
24. Millennium development goals
25. Black money- what and its impact
26. Internal and external security issues
27. Judicial activism and judicial overreach
28. Telungna issue
29. Tax systems in India-central and state
30. Police reforms
31. JPC & PAC-what and why
32. RTI Act
33. RTE Act
34. Nuclear policy of India
35. Foreign policy of India
36. Tax heavens
37. What is FERA and FEMA
38. Violence against Women and Children
39. Acts which protects women and children
40. Coalition government
41. About north eastern states
42. Sustainable development
43. Various sections of IPC
44. Pillars of good governance
45. Ethics in governance
46. Laws available in India to tackle corruption
47. BIMARU states- what and why
48. SAARC-what and why
49. G-20, BRIC countries
50. Names of UN organisations and their goals

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